Online hypnosis and Introspective Hypnosis!

Online hypnosis and Introspective Hypnosis!

Online hypnosis and Introspective Hypnosis sessions are available!

Welcome to Know Yourself Hypnosis!

Firstly, our aim is for you to understand yourself better.  Another goal is for you to connect more easily to your inner knowledge and use it in a better way.

Hypnosis can resolve many problems.

Secondly, the subconscious mind can associate injurious behavior with positive memories.  So, these skewed associations can cause problems of cigarette smoking, overeating, unhealthy habits, and other issues.  Moreover, hypnosis supports communication with the subconscious mind and enables changing these subconscious associations. For example, a cigarette smoker’s subconscious mind might associate smoking with socializing, relaxation, stress relief, focus, etc.  Yet consciously, we know that smoking leads to negative outcomes. In short, hypnosis helps a client’s conscious mind influence, the subconscious mind.  Additionally, hypnosis can aid in unraveling the causes of issues that clients have subconsciously buried.  Also, a state of hypnosis enhances access to repressed emotions.  In an analogous manner, hypnosis can aid in changing or removing invalid information from a client’s subconscious mind.  Likewise, hypnosis aids in a client finding the cause of an issue and allows the client to work through the issue and disconnect from it.

Know Yourself Hypnosis uses three approaches.

Thirdly, a brief description of each approach is below.

Hypnosis techniques

Hypnosis techniques employ several proven strategies that tailor hypnosis techniques according to the client’s needs.   Hypnosis helps clients in overcoming anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, smoking, weight gain, poor sports performance, and many other issues.

Introspective Hypnosis (IH)

Introspective Hypnosis helps people find the origin of challenges that they are experiencing, such as phobias, depression, sadness, a relationship issue, pain, addiction, etc.  In a hypnotic state, the client finds the origin of the issue. The hypnotist guides the client through an examination of the issue’s cause. The use of forgiveness therapy, and viewing the issue from different perspectives, along with other techniques settle the issue.  Afterward, clients can move on with their lives.




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