Firstly, for over four years, Evelyn Simpson, DCS has aided clients using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®).   Nowadays, she aids clients in managing problems like smoking, weight gain, bad habits, and many other issues through hypnosis and Introspective Hypnosis sessions for clients who have conditions deemed psychosomatic, feelings of despair, phobias, fears, and anger management.

Secondly, in 2014, Evelyn heard of Dolores Cannon and was fascinated by Dolores’ books and YouTube videos.    When Evelyn realized that Dolores taught QHHT®, she learned and began practicing the technique.   Evelyn is no longer offering QHHT® sessions.

Thirdly, Evelyn facilitates  hypnosis online. Book hypnosis online sessions at, Schedule a Session page.

Furthermore, Evelyn facilitates Introspective Hypnosis sessions.   Antonio Sangio  is Evelyn’s Introspective Hypnosis mentor.  Schedule an online Introspective Hypnosis session at, Schedule a Session page.

Evelyn’s background is in software development.  She has over 20 years of experience in developing software, a B.S. in computer science, M.S. in software engineering, and a doctorate in computer science.  She has practiced hypnosis for over four years.



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