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What Is Introspective Hypnosis?

What is Introspective Hypnosis?

Introspective Hypnosis was developed in Columbia, by Aurelio Mejía and is taught in the U.S. by Antonio Sangio.  It is a method that integrates several strategies such as, Ericksonian hypnosis, past life regression, forgiveness therapy, spirit releasement, projection into the future, communication with deceased loved ones, and role change.

Introspective Hypnosis helps individuals search for the origin of any psychosomatic conditions, such as pain, despair, relationship problems, phobias, depression, fears, addictions, anger management, etc.

The human body can function as a large archive of repressed feelings.  As a kind of security,  the conscious mind can eliminate any type of event or experience that may overload us.  It keeps that event in the subconscious mind until we are prepared to manage it. We unwittingly place these repressed feelings “on hold” because of societal worries, concerns in our day-to-day lives, religion, and belief systems, and for various other reasons. When overlooked for a period, these concerns can manifest as tension in different parts of the body, discomfort, migraines, cancer, lumps, or other signs and symptoms.

It is the purpose of Introspective Hypnosis to look for those pending concerns that might stem from either an event in this life or in a previous one. You could argue it is a type of quantum healing.

Various other signs and symptoms can be caused by spirit attachments. Introspective Hypnosis was not only developed to aid embodied spirits, it was likewise produced to aid incorporeal ones; the ones that are lost, puzzled, or that may have pending problems with the client. Our objective is to assist them by treating them with love, and respect, by collaborating with them on forgiveness and helping them to the light where they may continue their advancement.

Once the spirit leaves, any kind of symptom, thoughts, or actions transferred to the client will certainly have gone with them permitting virtually instant alleviation.

A Session:

IH was created with the concept of adaptability, imagination, and also development. There are three steps that take place in every session and in the same order. 

1)  First. we talk. 

2)  Second, the induction, which aids in going into a hypnotic state

3)  Lastly, the return from a hypnotic state

Between the induction and the return from a hypnotic state, the following six techniques may be employed.  Role change helps clients understand events from different perspectives.  Memory exploration helps clients in understanding how memories might be affecting them today.  A projection into the future allows viewing the future effects of behaviors that clients have today.  Spiritual assistance enables forgiveness and disconnection from spiritual energies that affect clients today.  Communicating with deceased loved ones enables opportunities for forgiveness, and for clarity on unresolved issues between the client and the deceased loved one.  The scan is an energetic scan of the client’s energies looking for places where energy is weaker.  These places that are could signify spiritual attachment energy.

1)  Role change – Characters, in the explored scenarios, express themselves through the client

2)  Explore memories – Explore present-life and past-life memories

3)  The projection into the future – Project to a future time and place to explore the client’s future condition

4)  Spiritual assistance – Assist a spirit attachment in forgiveness and help it advance to the light.

5)  Communicating with deceased loved ones – Deceased loved ones express themselves through the client.

6) Scan – The client mentally scans their body searching for areas that need attention.

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